Hello there! Welcome to my tiny corner of the World Wide Web! This website started as nothing more than a fun college hobby, shortly after taking a free, 1-night class on creating a website (in about 1997). It goes without saying that my first attempt at a webpage looked nothing like what you see before you. The site was hosted for free with a company that is probably out of business now and the pages were riddled with advertising banners.

In addition to serving as a canvas for a new hobby, this site was also my way of sharing some fun (and sometimes useful) info with friends and family. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other sites and apps for sharing content and interacting with folks. But I put a lot of work into this website 'back in the day' and it might be fun to look back on some day, so I'll leave this site up, just because I can. However, I did kill all the links, so you won't be able to browse all the menu items to the left and above. Sorry to disappoint! :)